Sept. 17, '08

I think I'm gonna take back what I said previously about Dynamis.
Thank you SE for real, you did us a solid.

Dynamis - Beaucedine: Really spiffy run, 11 AF and had a blast while farmin it. Nice to see new jobs AF.
COR - Ashiee, Kahne | THF - Ruthie, Kahne | RDM - Jasdebi
SMN - Ruthie | NIN - Raphen | BST - Raphen
PUP - Redcell | MNK - Cloudg | BRD - Sphinxie

Dynamis - Xarcabard: Much better drops this time, wheeeee. First RDM hat in ages! Congrats to y'all!
WHM - Kalelsama, Raphen | SAM - Cloudg, Kalelsama
COR - Ashiee | RDM - Moonfrost
SMN - Nickm | BST - Raphen

In addition, on a non-Dynamis note, hearty congratulations to Ruthie on our first sea cape in quite some time.
Girlie's SMN is gettin all sorts of tricked out!

Congratulations Deyos on your new Velocious Belt! =D Yay for non-stingy crab again.
Also congratulations everyone who made some money on KS99s.

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