Sept. 12, '08
Well… kinda forgot that Dynamis-Xarc hates us. SE increased the drop rates, but for us that means 3 af instead of 0.
On the upside, ppl wanted the af, and we got a silver to cover the glass. Congrats on your drops y'all!
DRG - Deyos | PLD - Pru | BRD - Amonn Some cunt that quit the linkshell right after.

Also did a bunch of Tier III ZNM pops for people, 2 Gotoh Zas and 3 Armed Gears yielded fairly nice gear.
Naglering - Moonfrost | Enkidu's Mittens - Darknjager
Aurum Sabatons - Pru | Tomoe - Malikai, Sophea (friend of a helpful blm)
Congrats on your drops y'all, good times.

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