Oct. 07, '08

Not my usual update day, but I've been slacking. Bite me.

Jailer of Love was being an ornery bastard. Much thanks to Alris from Ethereal LS for coming out to help tank.
(Atonement = drawn in + one shotted. Bad Al.)
No torque, but congratulations to Darthmaul on his new Novio Earring, and to Pru for his Love Halberd.

Did a pile of Temperances, no torques (imagine that), but grats to Kahne, Kalelsama, and the ground on the axes.

Jailer of Faith and Jailer of Fortitude gave weapons only, grats to Hecatomb on the baghnakhs and Mischa on the axe.

5 Jailer of Hopes = 1 Hope Torque (Huzzah). Congratulations Odion!
(Grats to Hecatomb, Razdaz, and the ground 3 times for the staves).

Proto-Omega again, with the added fun of severe server failure cutting our numbers. There's nothing quite as great as arriving in sea to have the entire tank party in Tahrongi disconnect at the same time. Since we were stranded for a while, we murdered some UFOs for people, and when server finally came back up x amount of time later, we continued on with our Omega minus a few people. Fight went alright, got nice drops again, and got the last chip to finish another Omega to boot. Congratulations to Deyos on his Homam Manopolas and to Mischa on her Homam Gambieras! (I'll put some pics up when I have em.)

And, to round out this update, here we have the combined drops from a bunch of Xarcabard runs.
BLM - Rawanz, Hecatomb, Nickm | BLU - Ruthie | PUP Djgazu, Kalelsama
DRK - Malikai | NIN - Crabcakes | WAR - Mischa, Xcaliber | WHM - Djgazu
MNK - Hecatomb, Djgazu, Crabcakes | SAM - Pru, Deyos, Anacrusis
RNG - Odion | BST - Kahne
Also, Djgazu seems to have taken a leaf from Cross's book on drainmastering, check this treasure pool out:
Triple drain in the box, go go Dj!

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