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I'm on a boat mtfrs so start posting in here so i can keep up with you peoples.

i'm on a boat. by RedcellRedcell, 01 Jun 2011 22:02

Deli can never be anything but Cuban.
The Sanjo has spoken!

(Yea, I know! I'm surprised I still had forums access too!)

Re: If Deli was JP?; by SanjoSanjo, 17 May 2010 02:37
Carinen's App? Maybe?
Randy (guest) 28 Dec 2009 19:32
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Carinen's App? Maybe?

◦Xarcabard access = yes
◦Sea/Limbus = yes
◦A mage job = yes
◦Sky = yes
◦A High/Average play time = my play time is spotty due to work
◦Einherjar/Salvage. Done Einherjar, want to try salvage one day
◦Bahamut V2 access = yes
◦Ability to get on ventrillo - needs to be re-installed.
*Tell us everything about your character you think we should know.
The following Characters are at 75: Whm(Decent few merits), Smn (Decent Gear, few merits, needs only a few pieces to finish off) I'm rank 10 windy.
All normal Dynamis zones complete except for the Shadowlord win. No wins on the dreams lands
Killed all the gods in sky

I'm looking for a LS that enjoys doing things in game. My work schedule is kind of wonky, so cannot be on all the time, but when I am on I love to help and do things. I woudl love to do some ENM's or get back into some events. Currently my Sam is 73, so am tryign to finsh that off, but my Whm and Smn are all good and ready for events. I have come from both super casual and hardcore EGLS's, and right now jus looking for a home to chill with some freinds.

Carinen's App? Maybe? by Randy (guest), 28 Dec 2009 19:32
Re: To be continued?
Djgazu (guest) 17 Dec 2009 10:24
in discussion Darkstatic / Linkshell chat » To be continued?

My ace's my n**as!… I miss all of you motherfuckers…. No matter how much I tried to erase the fact that I am a nerd that plays fucking MMO's… I still wanted to be a part of the DS FAM… Thank you to everyone that has be a part of DS from the start to the END!!! from DK Lulu to Odi and Ana…. I miss all of you beyaches andwish you the best in life… One love my nerdy homies….

ThE WoRLd FaMoUs……………. Dj Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
From Jeddah KSA to Sofia Bulgaria!!!!

Re: To be continued? by Djgazu (guest), 17 Dec 2009 10:24

I'm not even sure how many ppl stop by here these days, but gonna give it a try anyways.

Reason I haven't been around much can be explained with a living hell irl for me atm and its sadly still going on.
the biggest issue i have/had is losing a good friend to suicide, and having been there myself so many times its a weird and hard experience to see it from a different point of view.
I've also been struggling with skin cancer for a few years and sadly it returned a year ago and made me really sick for a while.

Atm me and ryan are playing random other games while dealing with rl.
We joined Aion on a server with a few other ls members to try and keep in touch, but sadly some things cant stay the same no matter how much u want them to.
Im very thankful for the time i had with u all, u meant more then u will ever know and that is my only regret. I will wear the pearl until the servers close and i will never want another home in ff. Sadly the game is coming to an end and the fun i had in there too. We cant go bk, but we'll always have the memories.

I hope to see a bunch, well all of u really, in ff14 when its out and maybe we can continue our adventure together there.

See u soon, stay safe and rock on


To be continued? by MoonfrostMoonfrost, 08 Dec 2009 16:13
Wildkatsmeow Application
Katheryn (guest) 07 Dec 2009 00:56
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Wildkatsmeow Application

Only job is lvl 75 rdm/37 whm,blm,drk,thf,nin,sch. I have completed AoU, ZM, and COP missions. I am rank 10 sandy, rank 9 bastock, and will start windy's rank missions when i have finished bastock. I have wins in Jueno, Sandy, Bastock, Windy, and Beaudicine Glacier dyna's. I think I have win for Xcabard dyna. I have max merits in enfeebling magic, I have Phalanx 2, Dia 3, Slow 2, Paralyze 2, and Bio 3. I have 1/6 duelist's af. I still need to complete WotG missions, on final fight of ACP, still need other 2 addons. I have been rdm in main tank pt's. If there is anything else you would like to know please just ask.


Wildkatsmeow Application by Katheryn (guest), 07 Dec 2009 00:56
Arowyn's App
Arowyn (guest) 24 Nov 2009 17:20
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Arowyn's App


75 Jobs - Summoner, Whitemage, Red mage
70+ Jobs - Blu mage
40 + Jobs - Bard, Blackmage

COP - Up to Bahumut v2
ZM- complete
TOA- Up to puppet in perril
WOG- Really have not started
Expansions - Really haev not started

Rank 10 Sandy

Dynamis - All COP dynamis complete
Dreamland Dynamis - Beaurbrum, quifim complete

Played game for almost 5-6 years… Been out of EG events for a while .. decided to get back in .. misses the activity stream….. Just moved and Im a loner now .. so .. lots of time to burn….

Any questions..?

Arowyn's App by Arowyn (guest), 24 Nov 2009 17:20
Jpriver's Application
jpriver (guest) 22 Nov 2009 22:17
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Jpriver's Application

◦Xarcabard access = yes
◦Sea/Limbus = yes
◦A mage job = yes
◦Sky = yes
◦A High/Average play time = active player since 2002
◦Einherjar/Salvage. Yes will go to Einherjar.
◦Bahamut V2 access = yes
◦Ability to get on ventrillo - needs to be re-installed.
*Tell us everything about your character you think we should know. The following Characters are at 75: Blm(full merits & nicely geared), Whm(no gear special gear but full relic af, not merited), Rdm (my merit whore job, lol), Thf (with full Homam and TH4), Drk (decent merits), Blu (nicely merited and geared), & Sch (fully merited and full relic af with the +1 hat). I'm rank 10 in bastok and windy. Captain Rank, COP is done along with ZM. I've completed all dreamland Dynamis except for Dynamis - Tavnazia. All normal Dynamis zones complete also to include Shadowlord win. I've camped HNM before also.

I'm looking for a LS that enjoys doing things in game. I work early mornings and my play time normally starts around 6PM till around 11PM, though salvage takes me to around 12:30 am. I can normally play during the weekends with no issue past noon. (unless the wife is looking for "quality time") lol

Jpriver's Application by jpriver (guest), 22 Nov 2009 22:17
Kyoshiro's Application
Kyoshiro (guest) 07 Nov 2009 00:50
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Kyoshiro's Application

Hi all. I've just come back after taking a year long+ hiatus from FFXI and I want to return to the endgame scene. Plus, I have some friends in DS that I'd really like to hang out with. I have ZM and CoP completed entirely, I have access to Bahamut v2, all Dynamis access, sky, sea, etc. My jobs are 75 DRK, NIN, and WHM. Currently lvling MNK which is standing at 63 at the moment, and I'm probably going to lvl PLD and RDM in the future. (lvl 52 and uh..17 respectively). I'm on EST and could be on most nights ranging from 6 until 10 or 11pm eastern during weekdays. Friday and the weekend are open game unless something comes up. Also, I don't have Vent, but I do have a headset and mic. If I get accepted into DS, I'll go ahead and download and install Vent.

Lastly, I want to mention I used to be in DS before, albeit briefly. It wasn't on bad terms so much as I began to lose interest in the game and I felt I couldn't commit to endgame at that time, especially with every day having an event. I just couldn't keep up. But I hope you consider me because I really would like to get back into the swing of things and get caught up on gear while hanging out with some cool friends. If you need any more information that I happened to overlook, let me know via this website or ingame /tell. Thank you ^^

Kyoshiro's Application by Kyoshiro (guest), 07 Nov 2009 00:50
Re: Mith's App
IshiyamaIshiyama 05 Nov 2009 23:50
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Mith's App

Putting in good word. I do lots of late events with a small group of ex mx for cop, zm, etc. Always been reliable too. Wouldnt mind a buddy from before too w;

Re: Mith's App by IshiyamaIshiyama, 05 Nov 2009 23:50
Mith's App
MithkabobMithkabob 05 Nov 2009 20:50
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » Mith's App

Char: Mithrandyr RDM, NIN, THF. Ex member of Mercury from 2004-2006 or 2007 can't remember. Good friend of Ishiyama. Experience in sky, sea, limbus, dynamis (xarc access), all HNM prior to WoTG expansion. Did Einhenjar once when it was first release then quit before it was totally figured out. Just looking for more action in the game and DS seems pretty relaxed.

Mith's App by MithkabobMithkabob, 05 Nov 2009 20:50

I don't see you. All I see is Cleavage…

This is a picture of Frankie, he asked me to post it for him!


This is how El Pickle gets when you guys keep picking on me >=O

wolverin app.
wolverin (guest) 27 Oct 2009 04:49
in discussion Darkstatic / Applications » wolverin app.

i have whm,blm,sch,blu,bst,sam,rdm,nin at 75, all other jobs at 30+.i have all city wins and a Beaucedine win.i have sky and sea and have done looking for more in the game and i know i need a good endgame ls to take me there.

wolverin app. by wolverin (guest), 27 Oct 2009 04:49

Last night while playing i heard some noises that seemed like thunders. Consecutively it was followed by an incredible explosion that shocked my house and the entire metropolitan area. The earthquake caused by the explosion was of 2.8 in magnitude which we shouldn't even feel it, but since it was superficial it was felt by everyone within a 10 mile radius around the refinery. There is no way to extinguish the fire due to the size and area that the fire covers so the fuel has to be left alone till its completely consumed by the reaction. I got a few pictures myself along with some others that my friends sent me. Enjoy.


LOL dam you ishi!! XD Penis Extinguisher HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Re: If Deli was JP?; by DelipickleDelipickle, 20 Oct 2009 18:25
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