August 15, '08

Here's a look at some of what we've done recently.
(I'm lacking photos, I'll clean it up with some when I can find some.)

Limbus has been fairly nice to us lately, Proto-Omega and Proto-Ultima both giving us some needed drops.
Congratulations to everyone who got some armor!
Homam Corazza - Rawanz | Homam Manopolas - Pru | Homam Cosciales - Mischa
Nashira Seraweels - Ruthie | Nashira Crackows - Anacrusis

Dynamis stuff: Been kinda lax about Dynamis runs, hopefully update coming up will make some rare gear not so rare anymore!
Here's what dropped in a Bastok run we did a while ago. (Crosswind wins the official Dynamis Drainfest award, 12 AF in about 3 weeks.)
BST - Redcell, Crosswind | SAM - Redcell, Anacrusis | SMN - Crosswind
THF - Kalelsama | BLM - Huggles | DRK - Crosswind
PLD - Redcell | MNK - Crosswind

Also, Our first sets of Tier IV ZNMs:
Sarameya is an evil bastard. Long fight due to strange setup, definitely a learning experience.
Congratulations to Huggles on an Oracle's Cap, and to Cloudg on his synth materials. $$$
Two pops of Tinnin were extremely smooth fights, and quite fun. Drops left a bit to be desired, but could have been worse.
Congratulations to Yokohama and Kahne on their new Enkidu's Caps, Anacrusis on a Shusui, and Yoko/Ana on the synth materials!

Also, a bunch of KS99 Wyrm fights this week, congratulations to everyone who made some money,
and a BIG congratulations to Ryno on finally getting the beard he needed to finish his Black Belt!

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