Dr. Crusis

This is MY page, bitches. Respect.

This is the theme song to my life. It is made of win and awesomesauce.

Squarepusher owns your face. And mine.

Also, this is like… the cutest thing ever. My heart melted.

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(If you're really that bored.)

  • General Merits Categories
    • 8 MP
    • 1 STR
    • Weapon Skill
      • 8 Hand-to-Hand
      • 8 Dagger
      • 4 Polearm
    • Magic Skill
      • 8 Enfeebling Magic
      • 8 Elemental Magic
    • Others
      • 4 Enmity Decrease
      • 4 Critical Hit Rate


I neglect this page too much.

Stuff lately: Lvling PUP, it's 70. Yay Pantin Cape etc. Campin random new shit, got Virt belt, whee.

Still 82 cloth, been too unmotivated to work on it more.

Started saving oingots too, in case Hammerblow stops being a greedy dick and gives me the kabuto.

Also a while ago, whee Ridill. Fun sword is fun. Yay for Black Tath too.


I totally believe now.
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